Monday, April 20, 2015

Doodling along

In class we're all very busy with doodling. This was my first doodle but since I'm behind with writing blogposts a fair number of them have already also been drawn.

Here I tried a different approach but it didn't work for me. It didn't add anything to the story for me although my classmates seem to like it.

My sunday morning I spent painting with watercolour. It looks nice although not a piece to get overly excited about but I'm happy with the time spent practicing.

This one I really like. I used two shades of blue and tried to mimick texture with them.  So one can find straight lines, stitch marks and a combination of the two. The combination makes it for me worthwhile. Who would have guessed that something so simple would turn up my fire?

Have a fantastic start of your week.



Maggi said...

I really like that last piece.

Anneli/Bockfilz said...

Yes, me too! I find these clear and crisp paintings very attractive indeed!

Pursuing Art... said...

My favorite is the watercolor and the last piece. Love the Dandelion seeds and the "water" jug together. Maybe the water is getting those wishes, dreams and hopes to take root. May all your wishes come true! XOXO