Thursday, April 30, 2015

Reinventing my page

After my last post I decided to create a small library of possibilities. There are loads and loads more of ideas that would fit perfectly in my idea of making a overlay with thread. Another idea is to make a page with bling. Maybe I'll do that one day but for now this is sufficient for me.

These doodles are still on my table and I want to figure out how to make these work for me.  Wish me luck and I'll stop by soon again.

Meanwhile, enjoy your day.


Monday, April 27, 2015

Another page

Since teacher was out of town I decided to take matters in my own hand instead of making my homework  ...  The picture above was made in the evening sun and that's why it is yellow.

The colours I did use was white and different shades of blue ... I know, you are probably totally surprised by this choice.

It was a lovely excercise and it left enough room for improvement but I'm happy for the result nevertheless.

Now I have to get my homework done ... or maybe not!

Have a fabulous monday!


Monday's music

Have a happy monday!


Monday, April 20, 2015

Dessert notes

The other day I read this quote: "When you're stressed you eat ice-cream, chocolate and sweets. Do you know why? Because "stressed" spelled backwards is desserts". You probably have come across it too one or two times but than I asked myself: Is that what I do when I'm stressed? For the majority of the time the answer is no. Most of the time I just sit down with a piece of cloth and my needle.

And because of that thought I started creating a new mini-serie. Found some playful fabric with chairs at the thriftshop ofcourse and some dessert quotes on the net. At the moment the border is drawn on it but I want to stitch it. Each quote will be with dessert as a reference to the quote that started it all but one can in one's mind easily replace the word dessert with embroidery. I know, it's not shaking up the world, it is just my kinda fun.

Hope you're having fun too.


Doodling along

In class we're all very busy with doodling. This was my first doodle but since I'm behind with writing blogposts a fair number of them have already also been drawn.

Here I tried a different approach but it didn't work for me. It didn't add anything to the story for me although my classmates seem to like it.

My sunday morning I spent painting with watercolour. It looks nice although not a piece to get overly excited about but I'm happy with the time spent practicing.

This one I really like. I used two shades of blue and tried to mimick texture with them.  So one can find straight lines, stitch marks and a combination of the two. The combination makes it for me worthwhile. Who would have guessed that something so simple would turn up my fire?

Have a fantastic start of your week.


Monday's music

have a great start of your week

hopefully at home


Monday, April 13, 2015

An experiment

During Easter I found a small lightbox at a thriftshop and I'm over the moon with it. Transfering on to cloth has become so much easier.

In this experiment I used a permanent marker and a marker which disappears when the cloth becomes wet.

It really makes a lot of difference working with a lightbox because now I can make the design first on paper with pencil. When I'm happy with the result I use a black fine-liner to finish it. Then it is time to put the design on the lightbox, a piece of fabric on top and doodle happy on cloth.

It feels like a new door with enormous potential has opened itself and I'm totally looking forward to using this tool a lot.

Have a great week and thanks for stopping by.


Thursday, April 9, 2015


Today I stopped by our local thriftshop and found a number of gems.  Some old blue and white embroidery, I like especially the blue line with the dots.

Found lots of scraps as you can see in the collage. Washed them and put them outside to dry.

Found this runner beautiful embroidered with leafs. Now I only have to come up with a project that involves leafs and needs a border which measures a meter because no way I'm gonna cut this beauty up.

Besides the scraps I also found a larger piece of Laura Ashley cotton. It has some stains but that doesn't bother me since it will be cut up anyway.

Also tried some pens in the hope to find one that wouldn't mind to be used on cloth, washed and ironed. Unfortunately only two black pens measured up and therefore a stop had to be made at the bookshop and now I'm the proud own of a permanent pen which is gonna give me thin blue lines.

Now I better start using all of this.

Have a grand day and thank you for stopping by.


Vintage embroidery book

Found another old embroidery book in the vaults of the Danish library. This one is from Eivor Fisher and was first published in 1952.

Not only gives it instructions on a number of stitches and examples. It also contains a number of drawings which one can copy. 

Wouldn't mind to have this gem added to my bookcollection.

This book is written in Swedish but it is also translated in English in 1953.

Hope you will come across it one day and that you will take a peak inside.


Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Pleating mania coming to an end

This morning I finished my pleating cloth with a pleating button ofcourse.  It is something different than I usually make on the other hand there is still a lot of symbolism in it. All the cloth that is used is vintage except for the pale blue, very open woven diaper. It measures 45 x 70 cm.

To give the blue diaper rows a bit of body I backed them first with an old cotton cloth which I used to wipe clean the faces of my boys in the years gone by. The backing is made of flannel which was also used when my boys were little. The pleating and the running stitch are  standing for the high and lows of motherhood while the cross stitch is there as a reminder of all the decisions that needed to be made. Like standing on crossroads and the need to decided which way to go. 

And ofcourse there had to be a button on it because it is all about memories. In the collage you can see how I made it. At the back I first stitched a row of buttonhole stitch on both sides and than buttonhole laced them together to close the fabric around a flat plastic rectangle. It measures 10 x 11 cm. Most buttons have 4 holes and I mimicked this by fastening it with a knot in four places, the four directions of the wind.

And so this project has come to a close. I enjoyed working on it and I'm happy with the result.

Have a wonderful spring day filled with sunshine but most of all enjoy working on your own projects and thanks for stopping by.