Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Some new pages

The first connection symbol was made in 2012, in the meantime the total has come to five pieces in which this symbol plays a huge part. In the class with Karen the words hexagon, cross stitch and bullion knots are flying around a lot. Last sunday when I woke up I wanted to try to see how I could combine these words. The first photo in the collage is a reference to earlier work. In the second photo I made a double connection drawing and added some hexagons which can be folded open. The next picture is also from my stash folder, the embroidery mimicks a part from the rockcarving found in Sweden. The embroidery sample became an envelope for two small doodle drawings.

The squares symbolises windows of opportunity, the tab became a bridge filled with seeds of hope from a dandelion since spring is just around the corner. Next picture more seeds and open windows with a small part of a doodle, one is drawn in black, the other one in pencil. And ofcourse the doodle is the connection symbol.

It is so difficult not to jump in and start swinging my needle but I feel I first have to close some gaps before I jump in. In other words, this story will be continued.

Have a fabulous wednesday, enjoy yourself.



Anneli/Bockfilz said...

This looks very interesting too! I can easily understand that it's real hard not just to skip the rest and just jump in and start right away on the stitching part!

Maggi said...

I really like the simplicity and the way that you are taking time to explore the connections.

Pursuing Art... said...

Lovely pages...made me smile to read about the windows and bridge filled with seeds of hope! Looking forward to seeing the story continue and where you go from here. :)