Thursday, March 5, 2015

Another connection

Yes, another connection is born. Last night I pinpricked the symbol into the paper and made a few bullion knots to see if it could work. I felt so good about the paperwork, which I showed you yesterday, that I couldn't wait any longer. This morning it was just full steam ahead and I did it. 93 bullion knots made in blue blomstergarn are now living on paper.

While making the bullion knots I realized that this could also be a quadrant or a map for a small harbour but for me it is all about connection. There are bullion knots flat on the paper and others are standing up proud. The thought behind that idea is that if one has a lot of bullion knots standing up it would be easier for others to connect to that person.

Can you tell I'm totally excited and happy? ... hihi

Hope your day is just as forfilling as mine is.



Maggi said...

I'm not in the least surprised that you are feeling happy with this.

Pursuing Art... said...

That's a lot of bullion knots! ;-) Fantastic thoughts on the connection between the knots laying flat and the other knots that are standing up proud! :) So true!!! I absolutely can tell you are happy with, yet, another connection. :)