Wednesday, March 18, 2015

A new disorder


Unfortunately I have to report that I got myself a new disorder, it is called pleating mania. It started with a chainstitch but fairly soon I switched to a little cross stitch and now I embroider little cross stitches until my need is satisfied. Made already a number of panels and slowly the realization has sunken in that I have to do something with them.

To add a bit of texture and variation I opted for a baby blue cotton diaper. A new one, don't worry and now I run my stitches along. The idea is to stitch the panels together, well it is an idea, so let's see what happens.

Besides swinging my needle I'm also very busy to get the garden back in shape after this stormy winter. You won't believe the amount of debris that landed here, oh well it keeps me busy and off the street which means I won't run into any problems any time soon.

Hope you'll have a lovely start of your spring too.



Maggi said...

I like the idea of pleating being a disorder but you seem to be well in control of it.

karen said...

I love these soooooo much. I came here looking for doodling?? But this more than makes me happy.

Pursuing Art... said...

I like your new disorder, E! Looking forward to see what becomes of pleating mania. Happy to hear you're working in the garden a bit again, weather has to be decent enough to get the desire to do so. Hysterical that it keeps you busy and off the street which means no running into any problems anytime soon. ;-))) Oh, the joy of gardening!!! :)