Wednesday, February 25, 2015


Time passes quickly when one has fun. Still so every now and than I want to show you that I'm actually doing something besides the chores of everyday. In the picture above you see a little needlebook. Very special? Not really but I did learn a lot making it. How come? I took my sewing machine from the attick and I actually used it too. Won't bore you too much with that process, the picture below tells enough. 

Finally I did also an artwork page on the opposite page of this one. The inspiration came from the book Celtic Art by J. Romilly Allen. I borrowed this from the library last week because the other day a Danish artist called Jonas Hvid came over and asked a question about the book. To answer it I had to borrow this book again and why leave it laying idle around when one can also use it as a source of inspiration?

In the collage you can see the inspiration and what I did with it.

This page is sitting in my book already for some weeks but I forgot to photograph it. As you probably notice I'm very busy with lines and borders. All of this has probably to do with stuff that's happend recently with which I'm not gonna bore you, still I like the fact that I'm working things out this way.

Time to wish you a lovely wednesday and I'll see you soon again, I hope.



karen said...

I like what I see in this ledger Elizabeth and i have seen a few of those broken needles myself recently.

Anneli/Bockfilz said...

Ah - I see that at least the needle in the front is a #70 - that's not a good idea to start with!

Take a #90 needle for your first attempts and you will be much happier :-)!

Maggi said...

I like the graphic design on the needle case. I agree with Anneli that a #70 needle is not the best one to use.

Your ledger pages look very striking.

Pursuing Art... said...

So frustrating to have broken needles. :( I totally enjoy the leaves in your book and the lines and borders you've been working on/through are understandable. XOXO