Wednesday, February 4, 2015

A new booklet

For over a week I have been working on this booklet about beachjeans or what you call a mussel. I often photograph them while strolling along the beach and when I added another one to my ever growing collection I thought: "why not try to use them as an inspiration?"

The booklet starts with the latest beachjeans picture. My colourpencil mussel doodles with an overlay which represents seaweed, added a little pinpricked mussel to add some texture to it was the real start. After that it was time to swing my needle and create some embroidered beachjeans.

Since there is still a lot of fabulous jeans around in all kinds of shades I couldn't resist using it. Made a pocket, maybe not really needed but I loved that piece so much and therefore decided that a pocket was need. On the other page I made a doodle using chloride on jeans. Made a couple of them and I have to say, it's fun to do.

This little blue dots are my interpretation of cockles. Embroidered two circles, connected them to create "legs" and filled the space with needleweaving.

The last page is a mussel in appliqué using pieces of faded jeans. I realized that I never had done any appliqué in fabric other than felt before which means learning time but that's ok.

The pages were bound together, a cover was more or less just wrapped around it and one booklet appeared.

That's all the news for today from Landanna. Hope you're having fun with your projects too. I'll see you soon again, I hope.



karen said...

you know I love this....and I am really happy you put it in our group. I grew up at the seaside and would eat cockles almost daily then, not brothers all love to eat mussels but I never liked those, or whelks, or winkles....look them up, they're gross!!

Maggi said...

I really like the variety that you have here. And, of course, I love books so that makes it even more special for me.

Anneli/Bockfilz said...

It's such a joy seeing this beautiful result of your what-if's and projects!

There is an exciting variety of techniques in it and still the sea shore theme and blue colour which holds it all together ... great work and a lovely result!

Pursuing Art... said...

Love the bluejeans book you made, E. Especially love that you used jean fabric again too. The doodle using chloride turned out great...I bet it was fun to do. The cockles you created are charming and the appliqued mussel turned out fantastic. A special bluejeans book indeed! :)