Friday, January 16, 2015

Books & links

Celtic lettering is on my mind again and therefore I had to raid the library again, took also a book about bead embroidery home as you can see. The fun thing is that I made one sample but I left out the beads. Incorrigible, as we would say in Holland.

Managed also to do a bit of sampling. Sampling is also a word that's a lot on my mind which means a lot of time is spent surfing around. When I found this article I hit the jackpot so to say because it led me to two different samplerbooks created in the early years of 1900's. The first one is made by Lucille Fasanella and the second one by Louise Fernaroli who also made some fashion drawings. All of this led me to finding historical pieces of embroidery hidden in the Flickr-archives. Besides the historical samplerbooks I also found a samplerbook which was recently made by Liza Smeeton. For some reason I thought it would be easy to find all kinds of different samplerbooks which turns out to be untrue and therefore I'm really happy with the ones I did find.

One last gem I want to mention, one that still needs a lot of investigation time. It is a educational archive filled with pdf's of embroidery books that are out of print.

That's all for now. Have yourself a great weekend filled with inspiration.



Maggi said...

Oh my word, such wonderful links. How do you ever get any stitching done???

Anneli/Bockfilz said...

Amazing sampler books, both the old and the new ones! And I guess that archive could hold a lot of hidden treasures ...

Thank you for investigating and sharing, dear Elizabeth!

I only wish the day had at least a hundred hours more ...!

Pursuing Art... said...

Smiled to see the bead embroidery book...incorrigible is! ;-))) Like the sampling you made without the beads though. :) How awesome to find an archive of pdf's on embroidery books that are out of!!! :)