Friday, January 9, 2015

A stormy day on Als

There is a storm blazing outside and everything that need to be done outside at this moment is done. Time to share with you. Last night I watched a small documentary about Tsumugi and I think it was a lovely portrait of how much work is put in this special silkfabric.

While watching I started practicing my Bayeux stitch again, felt a bit rusty. The picture I took this morning when the sun appeared all of a sudden for a few moments.

Well two posts on one day, I must be on a roll or something, maybe the wind is pushing me forward!

Have a lovely weekend with whatever you do.



Anneli/Bockfilz said...

Yes, sometimes we need a bit of wind blowing around our heads ...!

Awesome Bayeux-stitching! No, you certainly don't seem rusty to mee!

karen said...

stunning needlework Elizabeth....a storm and sunshine? That actually sounds like a good combination....

Pursuing Art... said...

Loved the documentary! I think kimonos are beautiful. Amazing dying process (can you imagine tying and undoing all those wrapped yarns...wowza) and loom work. Such beautiful woven fabric. You can see why they are so valuable to a much time and love to make such a gorgeous fabric and a beautiful tsumugi. Amazing. Reminds me of that hippari and monpei pattern too! ;-)))

Can't believe you feel a bit rusty stitching anything sweet E. :) Beautiful as always! :)