Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Some picture of the week gone by

This piece would be a lot better if I had planned the connections between the different parts. So I leave it and hopefully I will remember this journey when I get another one of my "bright" ideas. 

and so it was time to relax a bit and swing my nålebinding needle around with this so soft yarn. Really relaxing!

And this is a sneak preview of my next ... idea. 

Keep your fingers crossed I can wing this one!

Have a fabulous day!

C ya


Monday, January 26, 2015

Monday, January 19, 2015

Monday's music

Love spending time with Keith
hope you too.

Have a great start of your week.


Friday, January 16, 2015

Books & links

Celtic lettering is on my mind again and therefore I had to raid the library again, took also a book about bead embroidery home as you can see. The fun thing is that I made one sample but I left out the beads. Incorrigible, as we would say in Holland.

Managed also to do a bit of sampling. Sampling is also a word that's a lot on my mind which means a lot of time is spent surfing around. When I found this article I hit the jackpot so to say because it led me to two different samplerbooks created in the early years of 1900's. The first one is made by Lucille Fasanella and the second one by Louise Fernaroli who also made some fashion drawings. All of this led me to finding historical pieces of embroidery hidden in the Flickr-archives. Besides the historical samplerbooks I also found a samplerbook which was recently made by Liza Smeeton. For some reason I thought it would be easy to find all kinds of different samplerbooks which turns out to be untrue and therefore I'm really happy with the ones I did find.

One last gem I want to mention, one that still needs a lot of investigation time. It is a educational archive filled with pdf's of embroidery books that are out of print.

That's all for now. Have yourself a great weekend filled with inspiration.


Tuesday, January 13, 2015


Another piece of evidence for my love for history. This clipping is sitting in my treasurefolder for ages and finally the idea what to do with it came to mind. In the collage you can see the different steps taken, in the picture below shows more details.

Have a wonderful day.


Monday, January 12, 2015

Monday's music

Something we can all use.

Have a great start of your week.


Sunday, January 11, 2015

While Egon showed his fury

Yesterday we had another storm which meant another day was spent inside, swinging my needle and playing with my loves.

Made a collage for you of the pictures I took this morning of my two new ledger-pages. As you can see I again couldn't resist putting the Bayeux-stitch and French knot together, it's becoming my default combination.

In the picture you can see I made a compass of sorts with string art. Just for the fun of it although embroidery is navigating me through unknown waters.

Have a lovely sunday.


Friday, January 9, 2015

A stormy day on Als

There is a storm blazing outside and everything that need to be done outside at this moment is done. Time to share with you. Last night I watched a small documentary about Tsumugi and I think it was a lovely portrait of how much work is put in this special silkfabric.

While watching I started practicing my Bayeux stitch again, felt a bit rusty. The picture I took this morning when the sun appeared all of a sudden for a few moments.

Well two posts on one day, I must be on a roll or something, maybe the wind is pushing me forward!

Have a lovely weekend with whatever you do.


Blue leaf

This was found in an advertisement, loved the shape and the fact that the border was made leaf-shaped.

This leaf I showed already before and I wanted it to become part of my ledger/journal/sketchbook but had a hard time finding an idea for the border until I remembered the advertisement. Got the advertisement enlarged, traced it on tracing paper, cut it out and glued it on thin cardboard.

My idea was to use the back as the front but when I was done cutting it out I liked the side with the glued on tracing paper better and with a pen I finished the border.

I'm aware that the leaf has some faults and so has the border but that's part of my learning curve and with a bit of luck I will do a better job next time.

Wish you a grand weekend with all your own projects and I'll see you soon again.


Thursday, January 8, 2015

From my table

This first picture is an oldie, it's my symbol for connection. The last few weeks I have been thinking about this subject a lot and this resulted  in a new thread doodle.

 Very minimalistic but it contains a lot of information for me.  I show you this because I made a variation on the backstitch which I really like, in the picture you can see what I did.

Enjoy your thursday!


Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Frozen over

Some years ago I took the picture on the left during a very cold winterday. I was at the beach to photograph some wrapped up stones which I made for the serie Changing the landscape. The view was gorgeous but I became a little icicle while playing photographer.

The felted piece I got from Anneli as part of a Christmas card. These two pages show how I made them fit together by taking elements from both of them. In case you didn't notice, I used tiny, glimmery beads. Have to be careful otherwise I might become a "bling-person". (Just kidding)

That's all for now.

C ya


Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Field notes

Last night I came across this project and since I know some of you love music and textiles just as much as I do I thought I leave you the link for it. Field notes is a project between a textile artist, Matthew Harris and a composer Howard Skempton.

Hope you find some inspiration in it too.

Have a lovely tuesday.


Monday, January 5, 2015

Monday's music

One of the beautiful songs of The Hobbit.

A great song to start 2015 with.

Have a fabulous week.


Saturday, January 3, 2015

Doodling with thread

Last December I participated in the Doodle, gather, create of Karen Ruane and it was truly an amazing course.

At the moment, while still processing all, I look at old clippings of artwork, which I collected over the years, made during the Viking age and try to give my own twist to it. For example the stitches on the paper are my reminders of runen.

The last picture is showing the details of using four different stitches in a small area.

At the moment I'm sort of homeschooling myself, so I you have some interesting links of articles, documentaries or interviews please share them with me. I thank you in advance.

Have a great weekend.


Friday, January 2, 2015

My table

The Christmas holidays are coming to a close, time to clear my table and start anew.

Made some collages to give you some overview on what happend the last two weeks or so. There were some hours of drawing, stitching and creating pages for my journal.

All in all I'm happy with the result, new ideas are jotted down or already in my hoop, ready to be stitched.

Hope you had a great start of 2015 and that you are ready to get your hands busy again to create your art.