Sunday, November 16, 2014

The story of this week

Last saturday Karen's class Doodle, gather, create and although excited I didn't really know what I was getting myself into.

The collage is from my start. What I learned was that cutting circles with a knife is much easier said than done. If you look closely my circles weren't really very circular and so I had to find a way to hide that fact. And so I made these samples.

This one is the final sample and while laying here on a seamap it gave a feeling of a porthole to the others of the course.

It reminded me of a leguaan which protect a boat and so for my doodle I started thinking ... Luckily I have a collection of pictures of helleristninger and decided that these pictures were gonna be my main idea for the doodle.

Enough inspiration for a doodle and giving my twist to it. When one thinks about vikings, one thinks of men. So I turned to the other part of society, women.

The rockcarving of the ship became a cradle, the men became women and kids since there are ties that bind even when there are seas to cross.

Here are the two overlay pages on the first one. This last page is silkpaper on which I stitched crude wool with bullionknots which are oh, so tiny.

This is how far I got in one week. Don't worry I still have tons of work to do and things to learn.

See you next time.



Maggi said...

Love what you are doing here.

Anneli/Bockfilz said...

Ah, this is interesting indeed! I love how you surprise us constantly with new ideas, dear Elizabeth!

Pursuing Art... said...

Love the blue porthole sample and the doodles you created. So true there are ties that bind even when there are seas to cross. ;-) Overlay page turned our great!