Friday, November 21, 2014

Notes of a week gone by

Last weekend while gathering the groceries together in the supermarket my eyes was attracted to the little crafter tool to cut out circles. In this earlier post I already told you about my struggles with cutting out a circle but this tool works wonders and I'm totally over the moon with it!

Some of you might remember this picture of my fleamarket finds. This week I used the larger piece for a pinpricking excercise.

Like the result but haven't decided yet how to move forward with this but i very much like the shape of this one.

Another page in the making for the Doodle-class of Karen which isn't finished. A circle was cut out and embroidered with a buttonhole stitch. The overlay is a pocket made with silkpaper stitched on with a running stitch. The thought behind this idea is that sometimes one needs to look beneath the surface to see what is going on. This pocket "demands" that effort.

Have a fabulous weekend.



Anneli/Bockfilz said...

Ah, once again I admire this beautiful Viking ornamental necklace - what a lucky girl you are to find such treasures on your fleamarket!

It looks very interesting in pinpricking technique as well!

I've laid my eyes on a similar tool as well, but didn't know if it really functions that well - good to hear you're excited about it!

Hmm, looking beneath the surface to see what's going on - that could be a good idea too (if you're brave enough) ... ;-)

Maggi said...

Very nice and, as I am reading blogs backwards, I think I've answered my question about the map!

Pursuing Art... said...

Lovely work E! The circle tool was a great find. Especially like how the pinpricking turned out and love your thoughts that sometimes we need to look beneath the surface to see what is going on! :)