Tuesday, November 4, 2014

New possibilities

Heard about this book over a week ago. Unfortunately I couldn't borrow it from the woman who had it because she already promised it to someone else. No worries because I have the library at hand. The book was ordered there and now I have been drooling over all kind of old patterns.

One of them is this one and this one has definitely potential. Thinking about bumper ties, bullion knots, french knots and crochet.

Got myself some white fabric yarn. Gave it a bit of a try and it works very well. Oh if I only had the time to sit down and make this right now. Unfortunately other things are on my today list but since I didn't want to lose the idea, I wrote this note to myself.

Have a splendid day with whatever is on your to-do-list.



karen said...

the circular pattern (which is stunning and so very ''you) and the new cord you are making are perfect for each other. I LOVE the cord, love it. and you must put this image in the group, everyone would love to see it.

Anneli/Bockfilz said...

... and I think this new project of yours will turn out just brilliant! Enjoy it all the way! :-)