Thursday, October 2, 2014

Last update on my shawl

My first shawl with tie-bumpers and buttons is ready. It took some time to make almost a 100 buttons and there is only one way to make that many... keep going!

On each side of the tie-bumpers are approximately 25 buttons in different shades of blue and size. Buttons have a special meaning for me. In the Netherlands we have a special saying to make sure we remember something. Leg een knoop in je zakdoek. When one translates this in English in the correct way one would say: Put a knot in your handkerchief. But the Dutch word knoop can also be translated as button and that's what I did. Although I'm well aware that make this translation mistake I thought it would be a nice idea to make my buttons symbols for memories. Memories which help us to remember the good stuff of life and keeps our hope alive. A shawl is a wonderful piece of cloth to give us a feeling of protection, like an embrace and these buttons add to that feeling.

In the final picture you see half the shawl, the other half is similar. It was a lovely project to work on and I'm really happy with my new shawl.

Hope you enjoyed this journey.



Maggi said...

This is beautiful and I like the idea of using the buttons as memory aids

karen said...

love your story about tying a knot in your hankie and associating that with buttons. You are buttoning down what's precious, memories, feelings and remembering those things too. This shawl is amazing....

Pursuing Art... said...

What a treasure...the shawl is beautiful! Love that the buttons are symbols of memories, to remember the good things in life and to keep hope alive! This shawl will always warm and comfort you. It's lovely, E. You are so creative and talented!!! :)