Thursday, October 2, 2014

Doodles from long ago

At the moment I'm more or less totally obsessed with nordic petroglyphs and these sweethearts I found in an old Danish magazine called Skalk from 1959. Isn't it wonderful to have a library with a large collection of goodies? :-)

These doodles from long ago were found on a piece of amber and on a piece of bone in Åmose on Sjælland and date back to the late stone age. I really like them and they will find their way into my work at some point because they are so charming, at least I think so.

Back to my stack of books!



Maggi said...

They are charming and will look good in your work.

karen said...

did my first comment vanish??? I love these doodles too, so simple yet very appealing and perfectly drawn...(or should I say doodled!!)

Pursuing Art... said...

These are definitely charming. I especially like the *leaf* body figures. :) They would look great in your work!