Thursday, October 2, 2014

40 years Taekwondo in Nordborg

Last weekend there was a large celebration to make this anniversary special. A taekwondo training for all, a reception with an exhibition of pictures and a party to close it off nicely. It was a lovely day. 

For the first time I put together a photo-exhibition and although it was a big task with so many pictures at my disposal I loved doing it and luckily people enjoyed the end result!

Hope you enjoyed this impression.



Maggi said...

Love the photo with the foot. Do you take part yourself?

Pursuing Art... said...

Your photos are fantastic and I'm sure everyone loved seeing them. You have taken so many pictures, it is wonderful that you could share them on such a special occasion. I can only imagine how hard you truly worked to accomplish what you did, but I'm sure it was so appreciated and enjoyed by all!!!