Monday, September 22, 2014

Monday's music

Hope you have Everything!

Have a fantastic week!


Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Monday, September 15, 2014

Monday's music

Enjoy your week with or without wasting your time!


Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Enjoying my bumper-party

Well, have been working hard this morning and managed to stitch seven bumpers on my cloth with a double running stitch. Now that they are secured on this lovely, soft cotton cloth it is time to start embellishing.

Time to find some embroidery thread.

I'm having a grand time, hope you are too.


Bumpers and Buttons

30 bumpers ready to go. It was a long process to get them braided, not long in the sense of time but long in the sense that it was rough on my fingers to get it done.  But I'm happy with the result and what more can a girl ask for?

In between I also have been making buttons in the grand total of 67 without any idea if I have enough or that it's way too much. We just have to wait and see. Time for the next fase ... pinning.

Hope you're having just as much fun with your projects as I do.


Impression of Mandø


It was a hazy but warm day when we were on Mandø which resulted in the fact that often there was no horizon to be seen and the light was very different. Most of the pictures I took were landscape ones, that said ofcourse I also had to photograph windows and make some textural pictures, the usual subjects by now. If you want to see more pictures Mrs. Crocodile you can visit me at Flickr, where you can find an album with Mandø-pictures.

Hope you all enjoyed my impression of Mandø.


Monday, September 8, 2014

Fleamarket finds

 Last weekend was a busy one besides visiting Mandø, a small isle on the vest coast of Denmark, we also visited 5 fleamarkets. Yes, I can safely say that I'm fleamarket crazy. Most things in the picture speak for themselves except the white little ones. These are made from plastic and they are used to make my cloth buttons which you can see at the top on the right. Normally I use old buttons but I couldn't find enough small buttons of the same size. Luckily I found these which are even better since they are not that thick and therefore the end result is better, I think.

Bought the necklace because I loved the different shapes of the wooden beads so much. And ofcourse I had to add another addition to my handcarved-wooden-spoons ccollection. Have no idea if I ever gonna use the little piece of bling with a keyhole but I thought it was funny and since Karen is talking a lot about bling I took it home.

This tile had to come and live at out place. Don't think, I need to explain, do I? 

And I also bought jewellery and that's a bit strange since I hardly ever wear some. Still I really liked these and I thought I might use it in some embroidery piece. How and when ... no idea. We'll see.

My dear Mrs. Crocodile, these were my finds. I hope you enjoyed yourself and if you want to see some pictures of Mandø too, just let me know. :-)

Hope everyone had a great start of the week. Enjoy yourself.


Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Ties to tie

For some time now I have been busy making ties, 30 ties to be exact. All 65 cm's long and half a cm width. Today I finished the sewing part of the process. Since I'm so happy with them, I made a picture. Without a doubt you noticed the bumper in the centre which means ... yep, 29 bumpers still to make with my snoregaffel.

Hope you're having just as much fun with your project.


Tuesday, September 2, 2014

New experiment

During the weekend I worked on this little piece of embroidery and yesterday this page was created.

The symbol for harvest taken from Elder futhark is made of babywool with my snoregaffel and than couched on the cloth. This works really fine and I like the result. 

The circle on the outside is made with the nålebinding technique but instead of wool I used Cotton Perl DMC 5 which has different shades of blue in it. This requires a bit more practice and it would be better to choose a single color because than it is easier to hide away the little stitches which are needed to sew in on cloth. 

These are all the notes I have for now. Have a wonderful day and enjoy the projects you work on.


Monday, September 1, 2014

Monday's music

Yesterday we went for a walk in the forest and the feeling of autumn was definitely present despite the fact that the first of september just arrived. Therefore a song about autumn leaves.

Have a wonderful start of your week.