Thursday, August 21, 2014

New journey

Over the last few months I have been pondering about a new project. It started with visiting our local vikingcenter during the annual Easter Art Exhibition. While visiting I got myself a snoregaffel or a lucet and started experimenting with it.

In June we spent a few days on Sjælland which gave us the chance to visit Viking ship museum in Roskilde again. Here, at this gorgeous place, I bought myself nålebinding-needle. Another period of experimenting started especially since I also joined our local vikingcenter.

While on holiday we found again some beautiful helleristninger. These helleristninger are so intrigueing, well at least to me they are. Lots of time I also spent with my nålebinding-needle and some gorgeous wool which I had taken along, and I have been writing and drawing intensely while pondering about all I saw.

In a few posts I already showed you some of my work, the nålebinding/snoregaffel-experiment and the pieces of embroidery on paper. My interest in helleristninger is certainly not new, it is an old love which is revisited again although I question myself if I ever left it. I feel that with the nålebinding-needle, the snoregaffel, the flettehjul I have some tools which together with my embroidery can lead to an interesting project which I'm gonna call Nordic embellishment, at least for now.

Before I leave you alone again I want to give you two links. Both are a BBC-production about viking art. The first one is called The art of the vikings - secret knowledge, the second one is called: Viking art: a culture show special. Well I guess you're now more or less up to speed about the direction I want to take at the moment.

Have a great day.



Maggi said...

I saw both those shows, excellent viewing.

Pursuing Art... said...

Your new project is so *YOU*! :)

Lovely picture of helleristninger you found while on holiday...your collection is growing. Your interest in helleristninger is certainly not new and is an old love...don't think you ever left it...don't think it will ever leave you. ;-) You have a special connection with the vikings and viking art, E. Makes me think of the ties you created with your lucet...a symbol of the ties that bind you...maybe you should call them binder ties. :)

Thank you for sharing the two BBC shows! I watched them last evening (Mark worked late last night) and thoroughly enjoyed both of them. You can't help but be in awe of their fine craftsmanship and beautiful art work from so long ago! Amazing. Loved the gals comment at the end of The art of the vikings - secret knowledge, when she said "they became if you're wondering how better to understand the vikings, then you just need to look within." :)