Monday, June 23, 2014

Monday's music

Today I have a really special video for you, made by yours truly at a Beatles concert at the school of my boys last week. A Beatles-night was organized for the parents of grade 4,5 and 6. All the kids performed in at least one song and they are between 10 and 12 years old. The young man in the video is Jesper, he had the only solo-song called Hey Jude.

(At some point you hear the sound but see a lot of movement with my camera, that's because I had to climb onto a chair to make sure that I still could capture it.)

 I really enjoyed it and I hope you did too. Have a splendid week filled with sunshine and laughter.



Maggi said...

I'm not a Beatles fan but I do like this song. What a fabulous rendition.

Pursuing Art... said...

Jesper has a nice voice and did a great job singing this song! And the camerawoman did a great job too. :) Thank goodness she didn't fall off the chair! ;-)