Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Been away for a few days

Yes, I did cross the bridge again to visit Devil's isle. This is the "nickname" of Sjælland. Time to take you on a very quick tour around.

The first night we went to Maglesø to stretch our legs for a bit and I had to snap a picture or ....

Ofcourse we had a museum scheduled on our busy program. This is picture is taken in Holbæk museum.

Now what would I do on a holiday without being at least for a little while on the beach?

When a jættestue is just around the corner, we ofcourse have to swing by. This one was in Birkehøj and has a chamber of 11 mtrs.

And ofcourse one of my favourite museums had to be visit too. Roskilde vikingcenter is a beautiful place and so worth visiting.

Than there were ofcourse tons of lovely, charming old houses to photograph.

The Cathedral of Roskilde had to be visited too since it is on the Unesco-list and we hadn't visited it yet!

Why drive would one drive straight home, when a little de-tour brings you to Trellenborg in Slagelse?

But after that it was time to cross the bridge again. Time to go home again. If you want to see more pictures you're welcome to visit me here.

Have a wonderful day!



Anneli/Bockfilz said...

Ah, seems it was a very interesting and beautiful journey you made, dear Elizabeth!

And your photos are just awesome! You should really think of becoming a professional photographer - they are so perfect and you are so gifted!

Maggi said...

You obviously had a good trip. These are beautiful photos. Were those bolts of cloth at the museum for sale or just part of the display?

Pursuing Art... said...

The pictures you made of your trip are stunning. Love Anneli's comment and couldn't agree more...you should truly consider becoming a professional photographer...you could earn money and enjoy doing what you do so beautifully and love to do so much!!!!! You are a natural. So happy you had links with some of these pics...ah, it is a Lutheran church. :) And jaettestuer is a grave?!??