Monday, June 23, 2014

A special post for Mrs. Crocodile

This video was made because I found it impossible to explain in words without any visuals to Mrs. Crocodile, who kept asking and being curious. The long tie in the video measures 1 mtr and 48 cm, from such a long tie one can make a ???? which measures about 14 cm.

Wouldn't mind if anyone could come up with a name for my ????

So my dear Mrs. Crocodile, hope I answered some of your questions. Probably I forgot something which you will tell me tonight!

Have a fabulous day!



Anneli/Bockfilz said...

Ah dear Elizabeth - how cute is this!

It's so sweet and so funny and I am overwhelmed and touched that you made this video posting just to surprise me - thank you so much!

So now I've really got to see your ??? babies - yes, I like them too - even if I still have no clue what you're going to use them for :-)!

But now I also realize you'll probably not going to hang them around your hubbie's neck, even if you call them 'ties' :-))!

Thank you, dear friend! No, I can't think of any further questions right now!

Big hug,

Maggi said...

You my have made this for Mrs Crocodile but I really enjoyed watching it. It doesn't seem adequate to call the ???s simply cords. I do like the dimension that you get from using the ties.

Pursuing Art... said...

Made me smile...loved watching this video and hearing your voice! ;-) The fabric you found is wonderful, the ties you made turned out great and the buttons are, no doubt, cute as a button alright! :)