Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Picture time

At the fleamarket I found these two old, handcarved spoons and couldn't resist taking them home with me although bought for decoration reasons they are also a lovely symbol of feeding oneself.

Another find was this little jug, it was love at first sight. Years ago I started collecting ceramics and this little one was simply the best addition I could have found. The shape and the soft colour are simply irresistable for me.

Here you can see some of my 'oldies' in an attempt to learn to photograph a still life.

Enjoy your day with the pretty things of life.



Maggi said...

Beautiful finds. The spoons are wonderful, as is the jug.

Pursuing Art... said...

Grand finds at the fleamarket, E! Nice hand carved spoons and a such a gorgeous little jug. It's so fun to go and treasure hunt. :)