Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Learned something new

On Easter monday I took my bike and biked around to see the yearly art exhibition on my peninsula. Since the museum for the HjortspringbÄden was one of the places where the exhibition was held I couldn't resist to bike a few kilometers extra to visit this place. (two links, one in English and one in Danish).
While being at the museum I got to meet someone who made these lucets. Unfortunately my purse was empty and one could only pay with cash. Although a nuisance it didn't bother me because I thought I buy one later. The man who made them thought differently and gave me an unfinished one. Thrilled to have one I immediately sanded it and started trying, in the picture you can see my first effort.

Did also a bit of research on the lucet and found this blog with some very interesting information on handmade stuff. If you would like to read some instructions, click here.

Have a lovely wednesday.



karen said...

you met kindness on your travels lovely to be given one even if unfinished. Thanks for your input on the lettering too!

Anneli/Bockfilz said...

Well isn't that a wonderful thing: to learn something new, a new technique! And having a handmade tool given to you and even having the opportunity to finish it yourself! So splendid!

Maggi said...

What a lovely find. I have several in different sizes and love making cords with them.

Pursuing Art... said...

You lucky girl, how sweet of him to share one with you! I've never seen one before. Looks like you've already got it mastered...your braid/cording looks fantastic. :)