Wednesday, April 9, 2014


Last weekend a fleamarket was visited and I found this wonderful book from 1972 of Gerda Bengtsson. I'm truly happy with it since meadow flowers, grasses and weeds are a part of my new project and a number of drawings of them are included. The book is about cross-stitch and written in English because it was made for the American market, the flowers of each state are included. 

The book of Margaret Rowan was found at the library and was first published last year. It is a happy book with lots of examples, combinations of different stitches and background information. 



Maggi said...

I can see that you are going to get so much inspiration from these.

lheurebleue said...

heerlijke inspiratie!

Pursuing Art... said...

Both books look fantastic. Love the pictures of the meadow flowers on the book found at the flea market. Did it show the Oregon grape for Oregon? Second book looks fun and hip too! :)