Friday, January 3, 2014

In case you want to know

Last March Lisa sent me some books and one of them was the Anam Cara. Both Lisa and myself are nuts about Celtic symbolism and therefore I decided to make her a little sister-symbol. The colours are from Soul Food because Lisa has started her own version of Soul Food. 

This picture shows how the cloth is wrapped around an iron hoop. First a seam was made with a running stitch, than a blanket stitch was added, wrapped it around the hoop and started to crochet until the open space was filled.

So now you know what was in the wrapping cloth.

Have a wonderful weekend.



Maggi said...

A beautiful gift. No wonder you wanted a special wrapping for it.

Pursuing Art... said...

It is so gorgeous! I love it so much and will always treasure it!!!
Love you my dearest Taurus sister! XOXO