Thursday, January 9, 2014

Embroidery class

At the start of autumn I started attending an embroidery class for starters and the fun thing is that most of the women who attend aren't starters at all. They are just like me wanting to share time with others who care for embroidery and the creative process. Yesterday we had our first session of 2014 and one of the women brought an amazing book with her called Stitch magic of Jan Beaney and Jean Littlejohn.

And for the record, yesterday I started stitching on this piece and made already some progress although this isn't visible in the picture but a lot of french knots are already made.

Have a lovely day!



Maggi said...

It is a fantastic book as is their 'A Complete Guide to Creative Embroidery'

Your new piece looks like it's going to be interesting.

I'm glad that your group is continuing, at times it is good to be in the company of people who share the same passions.

lheurebleue said...

ik dacht meteen ook al: 'jij in een beginnersklasje???'