Monday, November 11, 2013

Monday's music

Monday morning has arrived with some hoar-frost on the grass. Normally at the start of the week I serve you some music but this morning I decided to give you a story, a story for children which we all are at heart.

This story has been on my mind all weekend. As bloggers we share for the pleasure of sharing,  because of this friendships throughout the world are formed. We share our interests and knowledge,  sometimes we even give someone a different perspective, all of this without knowing who's life we touch. This last part can be difficult at times since we so love to hear stories about how someone's heart is touched. My answer to this is: Share some more and show how tasty a stone soup made by bloggers can be.

Have a wonderful start of your week.



Maggi said...

What a fascinating story and it certainly provided food for thought for us all. Thank you

Ruby Garcilan said...

That story is so admirable. Sharing is like giving. It comes from the heart no matter who and what differences everyone has. Thank you for sharing a wonderful story. I am Ruby I have sent you a message in Facebook. take care..I love your blog site..all photos are wonderful.