Thursday, October 3, 2013

Feeding a Crocodile

Three weeks ago I started something new, yep. I started a beginners course on Skals Embroidery. Most of you probably have no idea what this term means but it is the Danish name of free stitch embroidery which is taught at Skals design og håndarbejdsskole.

The first time we met we were handed some leaflets with the explanation of eight different stitches and we could get started. Since I'm no beginner, I came prepared with cloth, drawings, thread and needles but this wasn't the case for everybody ofcourse.

I started with the heart in for me unusual colours. The reason behind this is that I use old drawings of my little boy and therefore chose to work in his colours instead of my own.

Here is the plan for this piece and besides the drawings I also want to put his name in it. Under super kanin is the heart which you can't see because of the paper. Not sure yet if I want to make a pillow or a textile painting from it, not that important in this stage of the process.

The reason I got involved in a beginners course was that I really wanted to meet people who loved to embroider. We are with 9 women, most of them know each other since they are together in a knitting circle in S√łnderborg, who all like to work with their creativity and that's really lovely to experience. Ofcourse I do hope that enough of them stick with it and that there will be an advanced course but for now we just stitch away!

Have a wonderful day!



Maggi said...

Sounds just the thing for you to enjoy and to be with like minded people

Anneli/Bockfilz said...

Now this is so cute! What a great idea to make the drawings of your little boy last and create a 'joint venture' with your embroidery and his designs! Such a wonderful keepsake!

And I'm so happy for you that you've met other women your place who are eager to explore their textile creativeness - who knows, maybe there is one or the other among them, with whom you can establish a lasting contact?

At least, it is a start, and who knows where it may lead ... Enjoy!

Willy said...

Leuk om op deze manier de kindertekeningen te borduren. Ook een feestje om met van die vrolijke kleuren te werken.

Haddock said...

..... and now wifey wants to go back and try embroidery again !!
Like the font you have used :-)

Pursuing Art... said...

Good thing I continued reading...almost fell off my chair with laughter that you would sign up for a beginner's embroidery If you belong in that class, silly!!! :))) However, I love the reasons behind doing it. It must have been fun and I bet you enjoyed going. What became of your group? Are they going to have another class? We missed this conversation in our book. Love where you are going with the will be a wonderful and fun keepsake! Did you ever finish and decide what would be best...a pillow or textile painting? Would love to see more! So proud of you for signing up, E!!! ;-)