Monday, October 28, 2013

Monday's music

Another classic song to start our week. Since we all have habits that may not fit us anymore but are so in our system I have an song from Elvis.

Have fun while travelling on your path.


Monday's music

On this stormy monday morning I want to give you some funky Candy to start the week of sweet.

Have a great start of your week filled with possibilities for you to grasp.


Saturday, October 26, 2013

A journey with sunshine

Now it is time to show you the making of the background and a simple buttonhole stitch was the start.

My old crochet needle was taken out of its box and on my way I was again.

And after hours of pleasure the back is ready and soon this serie of posts too. Tomorrow one last picture for you.

Have a joyful day.


Friday, October 25, 2013

A journey with sunshine

The first stage of Bayeux is done, time to move on.

The three little dots represent my two friends and myself who read a book together over the summer. The blue thread of the head I got from Julie as a token of friendship and it felt the best thread to use in this part.

And now the symbol is stitched and it is time to create the background.

See you again soon, enjoy your day.


Thursday, October 24, 2013

A journey with sunshine

The rest of the letter I wanted to do in the Bayeux-stitch but getting around the corners was a challenge. At first I wanted to weave around it but unfortunately I couldn't get it the way I envisioned it and so I opted for this solution.

Have a fantastic day!


Wednesday, October 23, 2013

A journey with sunshine

The next stage was to start to needle in the french knots. It is not the first time that I filled a part of a drawing with french knots so I knew what I got myself into.

And so I filled the two triangles and the six dots in the drawing with little green french knots.

In real time more than a few weeks passed but slowly it turned into something I really started to love.

Tomorrow I'll show you the next part.

Have a great day.


Tuesday, October 22, 2013

A journey with sunshine

Yesterday I gave you the start of the journey of my latest piece of embroidery. Today I will show you the next stage which meant holding my needle.

The start was stitch the outlining in black with the stemstitch.

Tomorrow I will continue this journey.

Have a lovely day.


Monday, October 21, 2013

A journey with sunshine

Some of you might remember the journal I made for Naja's 50th birthday past April. When I browsed through the little booklet of Courtney Davis I also found the start of another journey. I have been thinking and working on it ever since and now it is finally ready. It is a small project but filled with meaning which can only be discovered during a journey, a journey of slow embroidery to capture the connection hidden in a single symbol.

This is the original copy with which I started, the letter S of the Lindisfarne alphabet.

First I drew and coloured some examples and decided for the colours green and blue.

After that it was time to find a piece of cloth, making the drawing and finding the colours I wanted to use.

Tomorrow I will continue this for you to read.

Have a great day while create your own ideas.


Monday's music

The holidays are already history again, time to start anew. While browsing around to find a song I found this, liked it and so I share this one with you on this autumn monday morning.

Enjoy your start of this week!


Thursday, October 3, 2013

Feeding a Crocodile

Three weeks ago I started something new, yep. I started a beginners course on Skals Embroidery. Most of you probably have no idea what this term means but it is the Danish name of free stitch embroidery which is taught at Skals design og håndarbejdsskole.

The first time we met we were handed some leaflets with the explanation of eight different stitches and we could get started. Since I'm no beginner, I came prepared with cloth, drawings, thread and needles but this wasn't the case for everybody ofcourse.

I started with the heart in for me unusual colours. The reason behind this is that I use old drawings of my little boy and therefore chose to work in his colours instead of my own.

Here is the plan for this piece and besides the drawings I also want to put his name in it. Under super kanin is the heart which you can't see because of the paper. Not sure yet if I want to make a pillow or a textile painting from it, not that important in this stage of the process.

The reason I got involved in a beginners course was that I really wanted to meet people who loved to embroider. We are with 9 women, most of them know each other since they are together in a knitting circle in S√łnderborg, who all like to work with their creativity and that's really lovely to experience. Ofcourse I do hope that enough of them stick with it and that there will be an advanced course but for now we just stitch away!

Have a wonderful day!