Friday, August 16, 2013

Jeans belt

Some happy news today. As you can see the jeans belt is finished. Have incorporated as many shades of blue as possible, couldn't resist doing that. Just love how it turned out, it is another way of recycling denim but ofcourse one could very well use different material. The fact that it's handmade and useful are therefore the main ideas.

Hope you got some inspiration to work with material you like.



Maggi said...

That is a great belt. You'll certainly never see anyone el;se wearing one like it.

Anneli/Bockfilz said...

Your jeans belt turned out great! And with all those neat and tidy Elizabeth-stitches on it :-)!

I've just finished sewing the border of a thin mattress by hand, as my sewing machine couldn't ope with the thickness of the material - and I must say, my fingers and I are most happy that it's done and over now - you must be a very patient person, dear friend!

But of course your handsewn work looks gorgeous!

lheurebleue said...

heel mooi al die schaduwen van blauw. en inderdaad: ook prettig als je iets kan doen met wat je maakt.