Monday, August 26, 2013

Monday's music

Time to start again with Monday's music because it is such a lovely way to start our monday morning. Today I have chosen a live version by a dutch artist of the song Have a little faith in me of John Hiatt.

Have a great start of your week and know that I have a lot of faith in you!


Friday, August 16, 2013

Jeans belt

Some happy news today. As you can see the jeans belt is finished. Have incorporated as many shades of blue as possible, couldn't resist doing that. Just love how it turned out, it is another way of recycling denim but ofcourse one could very well use different material. The fact that it's handmade and useful are therefore the main ideas.

Hope you got some inspiration to work with material you like.


Saturday, August 3, 2013

Jeans belt

After the two little blankets I was ready to work with some blue fabric again and therefore I started with a new little jeans project

Yes, a jeans belt. A fun little project with two stitches but lots of different shades of blue. Just started but this is probably the most difficult part, therefore I think it will be ready very soon unless ofcourse I decide to embellish it heavily. Haven't decided yet! 

With what kinda projects are you filling these warm summerdays?


Another blanket

At the end of June I showed you a blanket I made and told that I started a second little blanket. Today I can tell you that I finished it. Both are made from samples and the book I used this time made two holes in the fabric. I used these holes to run a filted woollen thread through, this resembles a running stitch which is also used besides the fly-stitch. The back is again made of black linen.

One corduroy samplebook is left, unfortunately it is small book which would give only a very small throw. So maybe I should think of something differently to do with this book. Do you have a good idea?

Have a wonderful day with your projects.



As you probably already guessed because of the previous post my annual summerholiday was spent in Sweden. This time in the area of Eksjø, Småland. This means no beach but a lot of really big lakes and countryside.

Three weeks of hiking, canoeing, swimming, visiting museums and driving around in the countryside. It was a lot to take in but luckily a lot of pictures were taken. If you want to see more more sunny pictures click here.

And what did you do during the summer?


Thursday, August 1, 2013

Special quilt book

Special quilt book by Landanna

In January 2010 I went to the blogcamp Julie organized. This seems like ages ago but some memories never fade. Julie had found her Swedish copy of this book a few weeks before and showed it to me. She was especially keen to show me one of the quilts which had a resemblance to my project called Soul Food. Soul Food travelled with me to Sjælland and so parallels were made easily. 

During our annual holiday in Sweden I found my own English copy at the Husqvarna museum and I'm so happy with it. The stories of the women who made the quilts are really special and I love the historical perspective the author used. 

So if you ever run into this book at the library or in the shop I recommand you at least take a peak in it, I promise you won't regret it! 

Have a wonderful evening.