Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Music for the holidays

For this episode of music for the holiday I wrote a part of a conversation with titles of songs. I used only songs of Keith, so I hope you are a country fan!

Desiree, look outside the window, the Georgia woods are waiting.

Let's walk a country mile down the country road. We'll take apples and bananas and some country comfort  for you.

It might be raining on sunday despite this long hot summer and tonight you gonna fly. I know, I should be used to the pain, I'm a stupid boy behaving as a blue stranger. I know you'll think of me, still I'll be free falling anyway.

For the grace of god, let's have a little bit of everything, making memories of us before you're of rocking the free world. Many of my days go by without you, the hard way but now I'm standing right in front of you, a brand new man and I'm in.

Desiree, don't shut me out, Desiree?

Hope you liked my little play with songtitles!

Have a fantastic day!


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Maggi said...

Very clever. And what a beautiful photo.