Monday, April 15, 2013

Monday's music

Lots of promises were already made that the weather would become to feel like spring. Well, it is almost midnight this sunday and although it was a bit warmer, no sun but a bit of rain! So therefore I have a question:

Keeping my fingers crossed for this week!
 Have a marvellous one.



Zuzana said...

Happy Monday dear Elizabeth,
just finding the time to make my rounds today, had no time in the weekend.;)
We were to a few parties and all day at a håndbold stævne yesterday, so I am actually relaxing today, despite being at work.;)
Lovely musical piece - and no, no rain, here it is sunny and finally feeling like spring!;)) Enjoy this gorgeous weather, here we never know how long it lasts.;)

Maggi said...

Not raining here although we had some over the weekend. Bright and very breezy which is drying the washing beautifully.
Lovely music. I am curious as to haw you make your Monday selections.