Monday, April 29, 2013

Monday's music

In a few weeks I will be attending a Bryan Adams concert and it is time to start preparing myself. Since I already know most of his songs by heart I have been listening and watching some different performances.

And since this song can't be embedded I give you the link since it is definitely word listening to.

Have a wonderful musical start of your week!


Wednesday, April 24, 2013


Notebook by Landanna

Some weeks ago I showed you the start of the embroidery on paper and today I can finally show the notebook. On the notebook I glued some felt and the embroidery, to make sure that the inside also looks pretty I took two pages of an old book. These pages I glued first on thin cardboard and after that on the inside of the notebook. The red/white braided piece is meant to be a bookmark.

New start by Landanna

After the false start last week I decided to just hold my needle and embroider the symbol. So now you know what I will be doing the rest of the evening while Keith holds me company.

Enjoy your evening!


Monday, April 22, 2013

Monday's music

Since last week was a week with another act of violence against people unknown I hope to inspire you today.

 Let this week be a week of kindness.


Thursday, April 18, 2013

Not such a good idea

Last week I told you about my Celtic inspiration and I have been tossing around with several ideas. Finally I thought I found a solution to my oh so pressing problem.

Not such a good idea by Landanna 

Found some textile paint hidden in my draw and I thought I: Yes! With a pen I copied the drawing on a piece of tablecloth cotton, after than I coloured the symbol and followed the instructions. 

Not such a good idea by Landanna

After that I happily took my needle with a thin black cotton thread and started working. Everything went fine until I had to move the hoop. Somehow the paint had spread and was no longer neatly within the lines of my drawing. :((

Therefore I offer you today two pictures filled with promise but unfortunately I have to start over again. Does anyone have an idea? 

Enjoy your day and I hold my fingers crossed that all goes well for your project.


Monday, April 15, 2013

Monday's music

Lots of promises were already made that the weather would become to feel like spring. Well, it is almost midnight this sunday and although it was a bit warmer, no sun but a bit of rain! So therefore I have a question:

Keeping my fingers crossed for this week!
 Have a marvellous one.


Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Celtic inspiration

Celtic inspiration by Landanna

Just before Easter I got an amazing gift which made me revisit my love for Celtic art again. So some books were ordered from the library, some are still on their way to my little peninsula but I already made a start. Last week I showed you some needlework on paper which is almost finished but than another idea popped in my head. Which meant drawing, patience and more drawing but now I can show you what I have been working on the last few days. Can you tell I'm a bit excited about it!

Symbol of connection in celtic knots by Landanna

This is the drawing, my connection symbol in Celtic knots. Well this is just a drawing, now I have to figure out how to embroider, paint or make it in another way more alive. Despite the fact that it isn't flawless I'm very happy with it and I look forward to the next part of this journey.

Hope you are just as excited about your own work. have fun!


Monday, April 8, 2013

Monday's music

Another week has started, another week with the teachers on strike and the kids home most of the time, another week which started with some snowflakes, another week with the treath of a new war, another week for Monday's music.

Let's make it a peaceful week so we can keep rockin' in a free world.


Friday, April 5, 2013

Another week almost gone

Again a week is almost gone. A week with the most beautiful skies and sunshine, yes it seems that spring has finally taking root here on my little peninsula. A week also with no routine what so ever since teachers are on strike and therefore the kids are at home. Still I managed to start a little creative project and I read a bit more in Anam Cara, a book of Celtic wisdom from John O'Donohue.

Connection by Landanna

In 2011 I told you the meaning behind this symbol for me and the inspiration for it, original post. When I read the sentence in Anam Cara immediately came this textile painting to mind and so a picture with quote was made.

Embroidery on paper by Landanna

The project I started is another embroidery piece on paper. The aquarel paper first bathed in dark tea and left to dry again. The letter N of the Lindisfarne alphabet drawn on it, holes are made and after that it was time to hold my needle again. Hope this piece will be a part of a gift I have in mind for a friend who turns 50 in a few weeks.

Now it is time to get a move on again, so many things are on my to do-list, don't worry I'm enjoying myself big time.

Have a fabulous spring weekend with lots of sunshine.


Monday, April 1, 2013

Monday's music

On this cold Easter monday I decided to give you some warm, cozy music. Heard this song oh so many times,  love to dance on it and it brings back so many memories of a very dear friend. So therefore I give you today Merle Haggard with My blue moon.

Thanks Piet for everything!

Enjoy your day!