Tuesday, March 5, 2013


You probably noticed already I haven't been creating a lot these days, just little pieces, that's all. In the meantime I have been travelling through blogosphere and found some amazing video's which I want to share with you.

The first videolink is of a Tedtalk by Tillett Wright. The message reminded me of an embroidery piece I made and although the benefits of boxing everything are very clear to me, so are the disadvantages of this habit.

The second videolink is of Sugata Mitra called Build a school in the sky. He like, Ken Robinson,  want to reform the way a school is organized. What I liked about this Tedtalk, seen from my perspective, was the fact that the same principles apply to grown-ups!

Besides watching video's I have also read the 10 letters written by Rainer Maria Rilke to Franz Kappus and since this is a videopost I found for you the first letter read by Dennis Hopper.

Each weekend I get a very special mail filled with lots of stuff to read, it is called Brainpickings. Very often I read something and share it with a friend. Last sunday it included a video of Vi Hart and since all of you have to face this subject at some point in time I thought I'd better share it with everyone.

The three photographs of today are my pickings from my place at Flickr and three short video's were made last weekend of my peninsula. Couldn't help myself since it was the most gorgeous weather since months and I loved looking to the blue sky. Therefore I close this scribble to you today with a video that contains even more blue.

Well, this was sort of my update, to let you know what kind of thoughts are keeping me busy. Hope your projects are coming along nicely and please share, love to hear from you!


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Zuzana said...

Dear Elizabeth, we too had some gorgeous spring weather, but I think you had better. However it is all ending today and lady Winter is back.;)
Love the images, you are such a great photographer. And I enjoyed the video, my favorite singer, I believe it is Chris Rea.
Have a great weekend dear big sis,