Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Anne, my kinda teacher

Some months ago Julie asked me if I wanted to do a course with her at Anne's place. Julie was over the moon of the work she had seen at an exhibition and loved the talk she had with Anne during the fall. Now I have to admit I am the worse student one can think of, not just for the teacher but also for myself. Let me explain myself a bit. Somehow there is always a war going on inside myself about conforming and being me, disliking of being told what to do although will do it gruntly anyway. But Julie kept asking and so I thought: "Let's just go and see it as a creative weekend. I know it is great to hang out with Julie so in that respect nothing can go wrong" And so my answer was: "Yes I come."

Three creative ladies by Landanna
(in the picture you see Anne, Julie and Helga)

But as with all courses one gets let's say a briefing about what to take and what kinda preparations are expected. I had plenty of time so it shouldn't be a problem. Still I managed to make a mountain to climb of it. One of the preparations was to make your own small embroidery-pieces. That doesn't sound too difficult for someone who is holding her needle every day, well? It was a monster and so I ended up with four embroidered circles and that was it! But in the meantime Lisa and Anneli put up with all the moan and groan while climbing that mountain, thanks girls!

Work of Anne Brodersen by Landanna
 ( detail pictures of work of Anne which she showed whenwe were all done!)

Luckily Anne is a very good teacher. Why? Well first of all she explains techniques very clear, she shows her example briefly but not more than that. And than she does something fascinating, she totally steps back in the most loving and supportive way. She just sat on her chair and looked to us working and helped those who were willing to be helped. The walls of my castle were way up and so I bowed my head and worked. It took me a fair amount of time before I could let go or at least a little bit of these walls and be part of the process. Julie and Helga had no problem or so it seemed and were happily engaging in their work while chatting in the meantime. Slowly I relaxed and came along for the ride, I'm really glad that Julie convinced me to go and that I gave myself permission to be just me and be enough. There are tons of possibilities with the techniques and I'm really looking forward using them in the future. 

And so a big thanks for Julie for the invite and the stay over at her house, thank you Helga for your kindness and being yourself but most of all thank you Anne for all that you taught me and creating an atmosphere in which I could let go. I had a fantastic weekend!


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