Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Now what happend?

We learned five different techniques on how to combine embroidery with paper, stone and wood. The first technique was with a piece of driftwood for me. In the stash of Anne I found an embroidered leaf and that's how I felt, like a leaf in the wind, this song of Bryan came immediately to mind.

In our second piece we were asked to embroider on silkpaper and glue it in a picture. I embroidered my shell-symbol, wanted the shell totally to bland in while it listened to the wind. Our third assignment was to copy the lines of a picture on to a piece of paper and embroider them. I chose a cave with lots of earth-colours.
With the fourth technique i used my four circles, these were combined with watercoloured silkpaper, I had stitched the circles in blue and used blue and purple paint. The four different circles are symbols for four different persons who each have their own way in protecting themselves. While working on it I created the story of a family with a little baby. The baby had no walls, the boundaries of the mother were way down because she just had given birth and had opened herself totally up to receive her baby. I expressed this in using the faded purple. The father is only opened up partly since he had to still be out in the world and deal with all of it's demands. The fourth circle I placed a bit further away and this person is totally walled in although is softened by looking at the baby.
In the last technique we put a piece of embroidery totally in a a photograph. I made a smiley, like graffiti on a bridge.

Creative weekend by Landanna

It has been now two days since I came back home and still processing what happend. Let me tell you in short the thoughts that are now occupying my mind. While being there I told a couple of times how important it was to me that a piece contained a story and that just making something for the sake of making wasn't working for me. I know I can be such a piece of shit at times. And so while I was looking at the different pieces it dawned on me that with these 5 pieces I journalled my weekend. I truly felt like a leaf in the wind, no idea what I was doing or where I was going. I totally felt like the little animal living inside the shell wanting to hide but had to stay open to connect, to listen to the wind. I slowly emerged from my cave, the family wasn't a family, the three circles together were Anne, Helga and Julie and I was the one with the walls all around. Seeing myself like this isn't pleasant but I'm still very happy that I crossed this bridge.

And so another step of my journey is taken, one that felt more like a jump, can't wait for what is coming next. Oh how I love to create and face it, a communication beyond words.



Maggi said...

Lovely pieces. I like that you feel the need to tell a story in your work and how journalling the weekend in this way has helped you to move forward.

julochka said...

i think it's marvelous that you found stories in your pieces and that you connected them. i suppose to a degree there are stories in mine as well, tho' i don't see them as that connected...just my nordic sun symbol on two pieces.

it's funny, i didn't at all perceive you as closed or holding back from the experience - i interpreted your silence as concentration and being more serious about your work than i am, as i chat away. :-) heehee.

you never know how inside themselves people are. or how they are inside themselves.

i'm glad you came and that your crossed a bridge. and that the bridge has a smiley on it.

Anneli/Bockfilz said...

Interesting to see how the creative work/play leads down into the sub-consciousness, telling us stories about ourselves ... fascinating!

Zuzana said...

Dear Elizabeth, it seems like a very productive weekend.;)
I tink every artist creates something they can relate to, I know that when i paint, the motif has to be something that captivates me.;)
I think crossing one boundaries is always good, even if scary, it means we grow and learn.;)
Have a great weekend dear friend,