Monday, March 25, 2013

Monday's music

The first monday of spring has arrived. Still snow, still icy winds, still gloves, hats and winterjackets. And so I decided to give you a song which is sung by a warm voice. You probably now it since it was in the movie Cars. Today Brad Paisley sings for you Find yourself.

Have a fabulous monday


Friday, March 22, 2013

A gift

Two days ago I received an unexpected package of three books. I knew the titles of the books since they were already discussed in some lengths. Still holding them in my hands and finally get the chance to sit down and start reading is truly time well spend. Although I only read about 30 pages so far I'm totally taken by the Anam Cara, this might well be my new favorite one.

Thank you my dear Lisa for your generosity.

Have a great weekend.


Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Now what happend?

We learned five different techniques on how to combine embroidery with paper, stone and wood. The first technique was with a piece of driftwood for me. In the stash of Anne I found an embroidered leaf and that's how I felt, like a leaf in the wind, this song of Bryan came immediately to mind.

In our second piece we were asked to embroider on silkpaper and glue it in a picture. I embroidered my shell-symbol, wanted the shell totally to bland in while it listened to the wind. Our third assignment was to copy the lines of a picture on to a piece of paper and embroider them. I chose a cave with lots of earth-colours.
With the fourth technique i used my four circles, these were combined with watercoloured silkpaper, I had stitched the circles in blue and used blue and purple paint. The four different circles are symbols for four different persons who each have their own way in protecting themselves. While working on it I created the story of a family with a little baby. The baby had no walls, the boundaries of the mother were way down because she just had given birth and had opened herself totally up to receive her baby. I expressed this in using the faded purple. The father is only opened up partly since he had to still be out in the world and deal with all of it's demands. The fourth circle I placed a bit further away and this person is totally walled in although is softened by looking at the baby.
In the last technique we put a piece of embroidery totally in a a photograph. I made a smiley, like graffiti on a bridge.

Creative weekend by Landanna

It has been now two days since I came back home and still processing what happend. Let me tell you in short the thoughts that are now occupying my mind. While being there I told a couple of times how important it was to me that a piece contained a story and that just making something for the sake of making wasn't working for me. I know I can be such a piece of shit at times. And so while I was looking at the different pieces it dawned on me that with these 5 pieces I journalled my weekend. I truly felt like a leaf in the wind, no idea what I was doing or where I was going. I totally felt like the little animal living inside the shell wanting to hide but had to stay open to connect, to listen to the wind. I slowly emerged from my cave, the family wasn't a family, the three circles together were Anne, Helga and Julie and I was the one with the walls all around. Seeing myself like this isn't pleasant but I'm still very happy that I crossed this bridge.

And so another step of my journey is taken, one that felt more like a jump, can't wait for what is coming next. Oh how I love to create and face it, a communication beyond words.


Anne, my kinda teacher

Some months ago Julie asked me if I wanted to do a course with her at Anne's place. Julie was over the moon of the work she had seen at an exhibition and loved the talk she had with Anne during the fall. Now I have to admit I am the worse student one can think of, not just for the teacher but also for myself. Let me explain myself a bit. Somehow there is always a war going on inside myself about conforming and being me, disliking of being told what to do although will do it gruntly anyway. But Julie kept asking and so I thought: "Let's just go and see it as a creative weekend. I know it is great to hang out with Julie so in that respect nothing can go wrong" And so my answer was: "Yes I come."

Three creative ladies by Landanna
(in the picture you see Anne, Julie and Helga)

But as with all courses one gets let's say a briefing about what to take and what kinda preparations are expected. I had plenty of time so it shouldn't be a problem. Still I managed to make a mountain to climb of it. One of the preparations was to make your own small embroidery-pieces. That doesn't sound too difficult for someone who is holding her needle every day, well? It was a monster and so I ended up with four embroidered circles and that was it! But in the meantime Lisa and Anneli put up with all the moan and groan while climbing that mountain, thanks girls!

Work of Anne Brodersen by Landanna
 ( detail pictures of work of Anne which she showed whenwe were all done!)

Luckily Anne is a very good teacher. Why? Well first of all she explains techniques very clear, she shows her example briefly but not more than that. And than she does something fascinating, she totally steps back in the most loving and supportive way. She just sat on her chair and looked to us working and helped those who were willing to be helped. The walls of my castle were way up and so I bowed my head and worked. It took me a fair amount of time before I could let go or at least a little bit of these walls and be part of the process. Julie and Helga had no problem or so it seemed and were happily engaging in their work while chatting in the meantime. Slowly I relaxed and came along for the ride, I'm really glad that Julie convinced me to go and that I gave myself permission to be just me and be enough. There are tons of possibilities with the techniques and I'm really looking forward using them in the future. 

And so a big thanks for Julie for the invite and the stay over at her house, thank you Helga for your kindness and being yourself but most of all thank you Anne for all that you taught me and creating an atmosphere in which I could let go. I had a fantastic weekend!


Monday, March 18, 2013

Three creative ladies

Late last night I came back from a truly fantastic weekend. Julie had invited me to take a course together with her at Anne's place and I'm so glad I tagged along. Although still in the process of getting my spinning head around all the information and ideas that are whirling around in my head I want to give you a very little peak in our little snowy, winterworld last saturday.

Three creative ladies by Landanna

Thanks girls. 


Monday's music

Been away for the weekend and had nothing prepared for this morning. Since all kinds of things related Ireland show up on my doorstep the last few weeks I decided to give you an old song which probably will remind you of a lovely, funny but also sad movie with Gerard Butler.

Did you guess the name of the movie?
(if not, the name of the movie is P.S. I love you)

Have a wonderful start of the week!



Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Looking at each other

Have been writing about looking each other in the eye or the lack of it already a number of times. Somehow I'm fascinated by it and now it has become part of an exhibition. I'd never thought that looking at another human being was an art, a beautiful one I have to add. This is the link for some background information. Give yourself a few minutes to watch this and you might want to start making some eyecontact too!

Have a wonderful day


Monday, March 11, 2013

Monday's music

Last friday I heard that Alvin Lee had died the day before and so today a small tribute to him, the man who could make a guitar tell the story.


Sunday, March 10, 2013

Amanda Palmer

Just a few minutes ago I got my Brainpickings in my mailbox and I'm blown away by the talk of Amanda. Since I already so often have talked about open heart, connection, etc. I am happy to see that someone else gave it a different form.

Hope you will feel just as inspired on this sunday evening.


Tuesday, March 5, 2013


You probably noticed already I haven't been creating a lot these days, just little pieces, that's all. In the meantime I have been travelling through blogosphere and found some amazing video's which I want to share with you.

The first videolink is of a Tedtalk by Tillett Wright. The message reminded me of an embroidery piece I made and although the benefits of boxing everything are very clear to me, so are the disadvantages of this habit.

The second videolink is of Sugata Mitra called Build a school in the sky. He like, Ken Robinson,  want to reform the way a school is organized. What I liked about this Tedtalk, seen from my perspective, was the fact that the same principles apply to grown-ups!

Besides watching video's I have also read the 10 letters written by Rainer Maria Rilke to Franz Kappus and since this is a videopost I found for you the first letter read by Dennis Hopper.

Each weekend I get a very special mail filled with lots of stuff to read, it is called Brainpickings. Very often I read something and share it with a friend. Last sunday it included a video of Vi Hart and since all of you have to face this subject at some point in time I thought I'd better share it with everyone.

The three photographs of today are my pickings from my place at Flickr and three short video's were made last weekend of my peninsula. Couldn't help myself since it was the most gorgeous weather since months and I loved looking to the blue sky. Therefore I close this scribble to you today with a video that contains even more blue.

Well, this was sort of my update, to let you know what kind of thoughts are keeping me busy. Hope your projects are coming along nicely and please share, love to hear from you!


Monday, March 4, 2013

Monday's music

This monday I want to start with a celebration! Yes, I'm in waiting to attend another party! Secured myself some tickets for a concert held on my own little danish peninsula! Oh, I'm so looking forward to this. You want to know who is coming?
Do I have to say the words at the summer of '69 while I'm in heaven? Please forgive me, I'm just gonna have good times because I can't stop this thing we started but it's all for love while I sing O sole mio. This one is straight from the heart, it is something to believe in ....

Now you know!!!!