Monday, February 4, 2013

Monday's music

Yesterday afternoon was a cold and snowy one, what better to do than listen to music and work with my flettehjul.

Flettehjul by Landanna

While jumping around in you-tubeland I was also looking for a particular song for a friend and somehow I ended up with a liveconcert of a Dutch singer/songwriter. This concert was held in my hometown and what I oh so liked was that everybody was singing along throughout the song. For me that is one of the best things although I sing like a crow, the joy of singing along makes me very happy. And so that's what I did while holding my flettehjul.

So I hope you can hear the joy in all the voices singing about love, what other subject is there?

Have a great start of your week!



Maggi said...

The language of love is universal.

karen said...

you are making braids....very relaxing and therapeutic.

Anneli/Bockfilz said...

Oh, that really seems to have been a fantastic concert! A wonderful melody - even if I don't understand a single word!

It's funny: I speak Swedish, German, English and a bit of French and Spanish - still it seems I just cannot understand anything at all in Dutch - annoying!

But I like this artist - and as I can see from the video: there are a couple of other fans as well! :-)