Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Have I told you .... IV

While I was thinking about how to proceed with Have I told you .... I still wanted to hold my needle and so I created a little in-between project with the same theme but just with another symbol. And what better to choose than one of my favorites. You have seen it in paper with a french knotstitch, in Soul Food, even in my very first post. This time the symbol  is made in bullion knots since energy is always whirling around us, at times it clusters together and gives us these special messages.

Have I told you .... by Landanna

In the collage you can see how I proceeded. The pictures are all taken late in the evening and therefore not the best quality but since this piece isn't ready yet, they are just update pictures. I promise when it is finished I will take pictures with daylight on a sunny day.

Have a great day while working on your own projects.



Anneli/Bockfilz said...

Ohoh, these stitches are really stunning - looks like very much work, yet the result is fantastic!

Christian Patton said...

Beautiful Work Elizabeth ....and I really love that blue colour !!

Zuzana said...

This is beautiful dear friend, you are truly a very original artist and your approach to art is very unique.;)
Have a great weekend.;)