Thursday, January 3, 2013

Another clothposter

Like yesterday another catch up post and this one has been in the waiting for a long time. I started thinking about this project somewhere in september and the embroidery during our autumn holiday. Yes that's a long time ago, I know but time was needed to make it without that it would be noticed by my dear friend Anneli since I wanted it to be a surprise. Anneli and I write each other just about every day and she always encourages me to simply be my creative self. Therefore I decided she deserved a special gift for christmas and I made this clothposter as a thank you-note. On the clothposter you can read words which appear often in our conversations, embroidered in the colours of her beloved sock yarn.

So my dear Anneli, thank you for all your encouragements and kind friendship. The 2013 has started, new projects await us and without a doubt ideas will be shared, blogposts discussed, movies and music will be written down together with lots of sweet dreams, I'm looking forward to it.

Clothposter for Anneli by Landanna

Have a wonderful day!



lheurebleue said...

wat een ontzettend leuke & mooie verrassing!

Anneli/Bockfilz said...

Oh, dear Elizabeth - so finally you can show this fantastic piece of work in your blog!

With thousands of perfectly neat stitches and many, many smiles for me and for you in it!

I was - and still am! - totally overwhelmed with this precious gift, such a wonderful token of friendship ... so very much you, dear Elizabeth!

And yes of course I look forward to sharing both our private and creative lives throughout this brand new year with you, dear friend!

karen said...

Anneli is very lucky. This is so precious, I love it.