Monday, December 3, 2012

Have I told you .... II

Last week I posted the first picture of my latest embroidery project and today I have the follow up for you, a very candid one I have to say. Most of you know by now that all my symbols express a special meaning or hold a story, this new project it isn't any different and it's like an update on my journey. 

Have I told you .... II by Landanna 

The first symbol was completed during the weekend and by now you will recognize it. This symbol was also part of Courtship, for the love of it and of Just because-series. The meaning of this symbol and the explanation of these two projects can be found here.

Have I told you .... by Landanna 

The second symbol, the one I'm working on at the moment, is two hands holding. This symbol appeared in one of my dreams and the sentence that went along was: "Our heart is still beating". Liked the idea a lot because two people are expressing their connection when holding hands and it isn't just a romantic gesture although often seen in that light. 

The thought/question behind this project is: Why isn't anyone surprised when they get the middle finger while participating in traffic? Why is the f-word used so very often towards people we don't even know? Why is it totally accepted that we blow off steam in anyway we see fit but letting another person know what we like, appreciate about them is becoming a task that makes us feel shy/embarrased/squeamish? Why is the number of people who don't look at each other while having a conversation, growing so rapidly? And I'm not even talking about using the word love because that would open even a bigger can of wurms. 

In the Longest post  Julie asked: if you were going to start a revolution, what would be your cause? My answer was: " I'd rather start a revolution on accepting and being in peace with oneself as a step to peace in the world than ...." The link between this post and the longest post is captured in the question: "Are we so angry with ourselves, do we feel so inadequate that lashing out is becoming our way of communicating? 

And so I hold my needle while pondering about this theme, thinking of ways of expressing kindness and act on them. Now that you know my thoughts behind this project and the mystery of the symbols has disappeared it is time to start working again

Have a wonderful week and remember the wonders of a smile 



Anneli/Bockfilz said...

Dear Elizabeth, I really love the way you are expressing yourself with your hand stitched symbols - very special, very you!

julochka said...

for a bit of insight into the danes and this, check out the group "fucking flink" on Facebook. :-) I think the name says a lot about it - but there are actually some good stories there of random kindness between strangers. right here in denmark. believe it or not.


Zuzana said...

Dear Elizabeth, finally time to blog a little.;) I guess you are too under inches and inches of snow after last night storm.;) But it is sure beautiful.;)
Love your new embroidery, there is always so much spiritual thoughts behind every work you do. You leave so much of yourself in your craft.;)
Have a great week ahead dear friend,

karen said...

I wouldn't care if I did got the finger when says more about their inner self than mine. I am at peace all the time....I pity those who aren't. Your embroidery is, as always, too.