Wednesday, September 5, 2012

An experiment

As soon as August comes around I feel like making my vinegars again so that I have some sunshine during the winter. This year I decided to start really totally from scratch. Never made any vinegar from scratch before and therefore I started reading and reading a little bit more. Some information showed lenghty processes while the book you see in the picture made it as easy as it could be.

I had to give it a try. I peeled the apples, put it in the jar, poured over some water and left it for 3 weeks. Yes, that's the method and magically vinegar appeared. It is no balsamico by any means but the fun I have while trying makes up for that. I used very green apples for this experiment. Next time I want to find deep red apples and see if that influences the colour and taste of the vinegar.

Did you ever made your own vinegar from scratch? If yes, please share.



Maggi said...

Not something that I have ever done but it looks interesting.

Anneli/Bockfilz said...

No, I've never tried making vinegar! It really sounds very easy ... Did you slice the apples after having peeled them? What amount of water per apple - a cup, or more? And you left them at room temperature, or cold?

karen said...

how interesting. I don't like vinegar so have never thought about how it was made. You have taught me something, thanks!