Saturday, August 4, 2012

Strange habit

Never heard from anyone else that they had the same habit and therefore I titled this post Strange habit. When I'm at home and I see or hear something interesting I share it with people I know who are interested in that topic too. While on vacation and off-line I can't do that but that doesn't mean I didn't think of you guys, sorry girls.

Patterns and lots of them for Karen, more of them you can find at my library over here.

Helleristninger for Anneli, Julie and Lisa
More of them you can find here.

Viking sayings for Anneli and Julie.

Several handmade lamps for Judith.

And special rocks for Julie.

And for mrs. Hansen I had two boattickets which we won while entering the ferry, unfortunately I forgot to photograph them. So you see in some way some of you were with me on holiday. If you weren't, don't worry you just have to tell me what kinda stuff you are interested in and as soon as my eye catches something you will receive it. 



Maggi said...

A lovely way to gift things to people.

Anonymous said...

you are so even bring me a gift from your holidays!

Anneli/Bockfilz said...

You are a wonderful and very thoughtful friend, dear Elizabeth - even taking the bunch of us with you on your holidays ;-)!

But I know what you mean - and yes, this is friendship. <3!

julochka said...

what a delightful and not-at-all-strange habit! :-) thank you!!