Sunday, August 5, 2012

My first project

You are probably sick and tired by now of me taking about my vacation in Sweden and therefore I write another post related to my holiday over there. In Vitlycke is a fantastic museum about rockcarvings and there I found this piece of artwork made by Ellen Dynebrink, who has as far as I know no site. In this piece she combined the two interests of her parents, woodwork and textiles.  I really, really loved the idea but unfortunately I don't have a loom.

This didn't stop me to make my own variation without a loom but with small pieces of driftwood to express my love for the beach in a different way.

Hope you are enjoying your weekend.



Maggi said...

This is a lovely interpretation and all the better for the fact that you have made it uniquely your own.

Anneli/Bockfilz said...

Oh wow! This is really great, Elizabeth - both!

I really love this idea of weaving drift wood - and your ship is gorgeous!

By the way, there are several ways to weave without a loom - hanging the warp down from the branch of a tree, f.e., positioning the warp with stones on the ground and pushing the weave upwards - another possibility is tieing one end of the warp to a tree and, sitting in front of it, tieing the other side of the warp, bundled of course, around your waist - a third alternative: weaving with homemade cardboard bricks (this would mean a narrow warp used for decorative ribbons) - or freestyle weaving: hammering nails into a soft board according to a drawn free-form, then warping around those nails ...

But the important thing is: you found your own way to weave this ship of yours - and it's beautiful!

julochka said...

these are so cool - both the original and your interpretation! fabulous!! (i'm catching up.) :-)