Tuesday, July 31, 2012

A new start

For some reason I find it hard to start again with writing. So much to tell that I simply have no idea where to start. Last weekend we returned from our summerholiday which we spent in Sweden. What was on the eyecandy-list: helleristninger, rocks, beach, sea, sunsets, shells, handmade stuff and vikingships. Today I want to tell you about a lovely co-incidence.

In the picture above you see a viking burial ground in the shape of a ship constructed with large pieces of granite. In the middle of this burial ground two other persons have been buried in 1652, their names are Sven and Anna. Since my second name is Anna I had to photograph "my name" in the Vikingship.

This probably means zip/nothing/nada for you but to me it is very cool. Have to admit I am totally taken by the history of Scandanavia ever since I was a little girl. That it is one of the reasons why it is a good thing that I live in Denmark.

Have fun today.


Monday, July 30, 2012

Monday's music

Back in Denmark after spending three weeks under the Swedish sky. Oh how I love to sleep outdoors but hate coming home with loads and loads of laundry. And so while being very busy to get everyone clean clothes I heard this song and thought: This isn't my dream!

Still it is a lovely song and my choice for today because I might have time to dream today.

Have a great start of your week.


Monday, July 9, 2012

Monday's music

Today a video that makes my heart sing and my body turn to boogie-woogie.

Enjoy your week with lots of sunshine or with a danish monsoon?!?!


Monday, July 2, 2012

Just another day at my peninsula

After some monsoon days weeks the sun has been present for two whole days. It makes me endlessly happy and I just got back from a stroll on the beach.

 Roses in the garden from a neighbour


Beach jeans

On my way home.

Hope you enjoyed yourself just as much as I did.


Monday's music

In January ms Julie asked on FB what kinda songs were on no. 1 on our day of birth. My song was Ticket to ride from the Beatles, a song everyone knows by now. The album no. 1 was What's bin did and what's bin hid of Donovan. The album was recorded in Denmarkstreet in London and later renamed Catch the wind. Anyone who knows me just a little bit can see the lovely, sweet co-incidences and therefore I dedicate this monday to Catch the wind of Donovan.

Enjoy the start of your new week.