Sunday, June 3, 2012

Fishing trip

About two months ago at a dinner party the decision was made to go on a fishing trip today because in June is the weather so much better than in april. Yes we are good-weather-fishermen and women. Unfortunately the good-weather-gods decided differently. It was everything but warm, the merely 14 degrees celsius and the fierce wind, which blew in from the sea, made it freezing cold. So all bundled up we took our fishing gear and went fishing anyway.

And after the picnic it was time to drive home and play with the pictures. The result is four different photographs in four different styles which is probably an violation of some rule but rules are there to be broken when one is learning to catch the light. Isn't this the best excuse?

More pictures you can find here.

Hope you enjoyed your sunday as well.



Anneli/Bockfilz said...

Oh, you are tough fishermen and -women, I must say!

What fish did you get? Did you grill it on the beach too?

(If you ask me, I like the second picture design best!)

lheurebleue said...

mooie exercisie. ik vind vooral de foto met de hengel erg mooi.

Maggi said...

All the picture styles look great. Did you catch enough for your supper?

Zuzana said...

Dear Elizabeth, I love all these images. Yous should seriously consider taking a photography classes and do this professionally. You have a keen eye for picking subjects and for composition. Besides you get really better with time.;))

karen said...

oh you break as many rules as you like because that resulted in amazing pictures....did I tell you that my eldest brother is a Fisherman, that is his job....