Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Rømø, been there and done this

Last weekend was a weekend which had four days. Belongings were packed and our peninsula was left behind. We drove west to visit another peninsula called Rømø.  One of the things that were packed were our cameras and you guessed it already. Today is picture day.

Rømø has very large and sandy beaches and so we took long walks along the coastline. Hard work especially since the weather was improving every day but someone had to volunteer! Made tons of pictures and therefore I choose to make a small collage and I uploaded a few on Landanna in pictures.

Have a fabulous day.



Zuzana said...

Juts left a long comment, but was not logged in so it just disappeared, hate computers sometimes.;) But LOVE your collage.;))

lheurebleue said...

zee en schelpen: daar kan ik niet genoeg van krijgen. maar die wafels zien er ook wel aardig uit!

karen said...

your images are amazing Elizabeth....and you have a real gift for arranging them into gorgeous collections.