Friday, May 25, 2012

Over ten years I ago I read an article of Daniel Pink called School's out. I really like the article and if I would have gotten one euro for each time I mentioned this article to someone, I would have saved up for a really nice holiday!

Last night after I got back from taekwondo-training I didn't feel like doing anything anymore. This means Tedtalks-time for me and I found this one.

Since I had the same reaction as to the article I'm saving myself some time and put the video on my blog and anyone who is interested can watch it and email me!!!!

Enjoy yourself.



julochka said...

i think i need to watch this several times...there's so much good stuff here, it takes a bit to absorb it.

p.s. love your header (i read in a reader too often)! :-)

Judith said...

Thanks for sharing Elizabeth! A lot in that little clip - mainly an explanation of the economic situation we find ourselves in! Bankers should watch this!