Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Blue journey

Somehow I feel stagnant, can't move forward with Journey. What needs to be done isn't difficult but in reality it goes painfully slow. My travelling method is more like hiking than hopping on a plane, a country lane instead of a highway.

This morning I also made the picture below and asked myself the question: Am I spiralling up or down? Have no idea, maybe I should train my being-patient-muscle a bit more.

Enjoy your week of spring.



Anneli/Bockfilz said...

Dear Elizabeth,

I once heard that life is a sinus curve - translated to your spiral, I guess that means you're travelling both ways - and that's the way it is.

Take your time. Enjoy. There's no need for a hurry.

karen said...

hiking is good...it prolongs the pleasure....

Zuzana said...

My dear, slowly am making my way through my favorite blogs and finally have reached yours.;) LOVE the new look here, stunning.;)
I know all about reaching a stagnation point, but it will come to you, just do not rush it.;) Indeed train that patience muscle.;))
Good night my dear and thank you for being a true friend, those are rare to find these days.;)

lheurebleue said...

het hier & nu is best interessant hoor!